What are your Goals?

Our deep technical knowledge across a wide range of industries and services means we are able to offer options and guidance tailored to your specific needs.  We provide each client with direct access to all team members.

Steeped within our culture is a sincere desire to keep clients abreast of relevant information, provide creative options based on deep technical knowledge and advise clients on which course of action would be most advantageous to their particular set of circumstances.  This passion for our work is part of the fiber of our culture.

Our team stands ready and able to support you in reaching your goals.   We provide each client with a highly responsive team, which includes direct access to a Partner, Principal or Senior Manager prepared to provide not only options, but also opinions.

We are part of an international association of independent accounting and management consulting firms that actively share resources and best practices.  This affiliation allows the firm to provide its clients with many services comparable to national and international firms, but at a much lower price.

We make significant investments in continuing education, industry conferences, technical resources and current technology, which makes us on top of current events and efficiencies.

Wade Pack

Wade Pack Assurance Partner, CPA

Wade has served as our firm’s Managing Partner from 2013 through 2020.  With 25 years of experience, Wade is responsible for planning and delivering assurance services for closely-held businesses in the real estate, construction and manufacturing industries, as well as non-profit and governmental organizations.  Wade’s specialty (and primary passion) is working with clients who […]

At Bernard Robinson & Company one of our most coveted strengths is our diversity of thought. Based on our belief that the whole is truly greater than the sum of the parts, we offer you a team of industry and service area experts who come together to help you realize your goals and dreams.