Multi-Family Office

rt-MF_Office_stork_nest_000005529284_Small_edited-1Preserving Your Nest Egg

When managing your family’s wealth, your goals likely include asset growth/preservation, risk minimization, maximization of available tax strategies and more. With all of the various vehicles available for accomplishing these types of goals, the need for unbiased advice from a trusted advisor cannot be overstated.

Independent, Unbiased and Sound Guidance

At Bernard Robinson & Company, we have been working with high wealth individuals for over 65 years. These families have relied on our expertise and objective advice while working closely with them and their other advisors for multiple generations. Our Multi-family Office model is built on competence and independence. We offer unbiased recommendations and solid follow-through when executing the most beneficial plans for your family. We do not sell financial products or accept referral fees. Our only incentive is ensuring your best interests are reflected in all decisions.

Customized Services

We offer a wide range of services to achieve your family’s goals. We help clients with tax strategies, wealth transfer, investments, audit services, business and family concerns that should be incorporated into your investment strategy, and other areas that support your family mission. Specifically, these services include the following:

Industry Leadership Team

We welcome the opportunity to learn more about you and your specific situation.

Tracey Martin, CPA, Partner
Freddy Robinson, CPA, Partner
Lory Kelley, CPA, Partner
James Connolly, CPA, Partner

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