Manufacturing and Distribution


From Inventory to Export

In order to maximize value while managing expenses, you must intimately study your operations from inventory to export. Staying abreast of the economics, operations and trends in the industry is not easy. However, it is imperative in the effort to tighten operations, improve collaboration, stand up to competitive market conditions and grow your business while staying on top of the ever changing rules and regulations within the industry.

Insight That Comes With Over 65 Years of Experience

We can help you manage risk, maintain profitable margins, and stay competitive while navigating the challenges created by regulatory scrutiny, global competition and technological change. We work with manufacturers to help their organizations adapt to new developments and seize opportunities as they appear. Our insightful analysis can improve margins and cash flow while reducing unnecessary costs. We view our clients as business partners, and that means we take the time to learn about and understand the businesses we serve. Depending on your company’s needs, our services may include:

  • An examination of business practices and advice on business structure, financing and capitalization
  • Development of inventory costing and controls
  • Analysis of cash flow and gross profit
  • Performance evaluation considering industry benchmarks
  • Financial projections and forecasts
  • Consideration of uniform capitalization rules and LIFO inventory method
  • Review and identification of sales tax issues
  • Review of assets and practices to maximize tax credits
  • Creation of bonus and commission plans that reward exceptional performance by an employee or key manager

Industry Leadership Team

We welcome the opportunity to learn more about you and your specific situation.

Freddy Robinson, CPA, Partner
Dan Hayes, CPA, Partner
Courtney Coker, CPA, Partner
Ben Ripple, CPA, Partner

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