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A Dynamic, Demanding Industry

The construction industry in the Southeast is always in motion, always changing, and always demanding.  The economic environment in recent years has placed additional burdens on an already competitive industry, making it difficult to manage profitability and risk.  This environment has led to challenges in obtaining adequate financing and bonding capacity.  Additionally, dynamic tax regulations make multi-year strategic planning a challenge. Timely and accurate management reporting, along with business succession planning, can also prove to be significant challenges.

Over 65 Years of Experience Going to Work for You

With great depth in the construction industry, our clients include general contractors, design build firms and commercial developers. We understand the financial and business issues specific to the construction industry, including:

  • Economic cycles
  • Project management
  • Cash-flow planning
  • State and local regulations
  • Financing
  • Contract versus employee labor
  • Surety and bonding requirements
  • Tracking job costs through system
  • Allocation of indirect job costs
  • Billing issues

Our services for construction companies include:

  • Financial reporting and tax planning
  • Percentage of completion versus completed contract method
  • Job cost estimating and accumulation
  • Overhead allocations

Our construction industry experience has helped us develop relationships with industry professionals such as bonding companies and bankers, which can be a benefit to your business.

Industry Leadership Team

For more information, please reach out to one of us directly or complete the form below.

Wade Pack, CPA, Managing Partner
Tim Smith, CPA, Partner
Dan Hayes, CPA, Partner

Courtney Coker, CPA, Partner
Ben Ripple, CPA, Partner
Lory Kelley, CPA, Partner

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