Best Accounting Firms to Work For 2012

Bernard Robinson & Company is once again pleased to have been awarded the distinction of being a Best Accounting Firms to Work for in 2012 byBestAcctFirmstoWork2012logo Accounting Today. Accounting Today performs an exhaustive two part study annually to gather detailed information about each company identified to discern which are the best employers in the accounting industry. In part one, the employer completes a questionnaire, while the employees of the company complete an employee survey in part two.

“We are extremely honored to have been chosen again for this prestigious award”, said Pat Price, Managing Partner.  Price goes on to add that, “It is one of many key indicators we track to ensure we are providing a culture and work environment that is enriching to individuals from many perspectives, such as career development, opportunities to make a difference, a ability to achieve work-life balance and much more.”  We are sensitive to the fact that employees have different individualized needs that must be met for them to flourish in an enjoyable, rewarding career. Some of the specific ways we appeal to a wide variety of candidates are as follows:

  • Significant investments are made in technology to achieve great efficiency. We use a Citrus platform for easy remote access.  Most employees are provided with three monitors at their desks and a remote monitors to use at their discretion.
  • Flexible work schedules provide more opportunity to meet personal goals. Many people choose to work four ten hour days and take Friday off from May to September.
  • Less hours worked during Busy Season than most other firms. Typically, we work 55 hours per week during Busy Season, as opposed to 80.
  • Less travel than typical in our industry. Most travel less than 10% per year.
  • Growth has led to ample opportunities for advancement.  Averaging double digit growth over the past five years, we promoted 18% of our employees in 2012.

Tim Smith, Audit Partner, says that “The firm’s reputation and flexibility have contributed to our ability to attract and retain the best and the brightest among the top tier schools at which we we recruit.” Students appreciate that Bernard Robinson & Company is committed to ensuring their depth in servicing clients by not requiring Staff Accountants to declare their specialization until they have been with the firm for two years.  Recent graduates appreciate the broader exposure that serves for a stronger foundation in helping them better serve their clients and choose the area of specialization that is right for them. Clients benefit from knowing that professionals from Bernard Robinson & Company have a more well-rounded experience set, providing greater understanding of how the puzzle pieces fit together.

This recipe has worked since 1947. The firm has averaged double digit growth over the past five years, enabling 18% of employees to be promoted in 2012.  With a turnover rate well below industry average reflecting the satisfaction conveyed in the survey, those on the Bernard Robinson & Company team value the firm’s culture. In fact, it is not unusual to see employees who have left the firm return. We are people who care about people. We are sincerely committed to our clients, our team and our community, as we stay true to the values which have remained in place since 1947. While many things change, these commitments are steadfast.