Our Story

Our roots are deep. Our heritage started back in 1947 when:Tree roots image

  • President Harry Truman gave the first presidential address telecasted from the White House to the 14,000 television sets in the US.  He spoke about the world food crisis and discussed his program for food rationing.
  • Howard Hughes performed the maiden (and only) flight of the largest fixed-wing aircraft ever built. The “Spruce Goose” flew at an altitude of 70 feet for one mile lasting only eight minutes with 32 people on board.
  • Bernie Robinson leaves his position as Assistant District Director for the IRS to hang out his shingle renting a one room office in the Jefferson Building. He worked alone to start an accounting firm intent on delivering unparalleled client service. Bernie became known to tell family and friends, “Client service is about making clients expect to receive the unexpected. I strive to deliver value beyond what was agreed upon.”

Businesses and individuals have experienced many seasons over the past 65 years. Through prosperous and challenging economic times, Bernard Robinson & Company’s focus has been consistent with Bernie’s initial vision. Now a firm of twelve partners, over eighty employees and 47 CPAs, our focus is still client-centric. Steeped within our culture is a sincere desire to keep clients abreast of relevant information, provide creative options based on deep technical knowledge and advise clients on which course of action would be most advantageous to their particular set of circumstances. This passion for our work is part of the fiber of our culture.

giant ginkgo tree imageOur team stands ready and able to support you in reaching your goals. We provide each client with a highly responsive team which includes direct access to a Partner prepared to provide not only options, but opinions. We are part of an international association of independent accounting and management consulting firms that actively share resources and best practices. We make significant investments in continuing education, industry conferences, technical resources and current technology.

We appreciate our deep relationships and the fact that our clients notice a difference. It has been an extraordinary 65 years and we’re only getting started. We invite you to be a part of the next 65, beginning by honoring us with the opportunity to hear your story.